Have you ever wanted to be involved up close with the intrinsic ins and outs of Trinity Science Fiction society? Well now is your chance to do just that!
This Wednesday, at 7 in the Eliz Room of House 6, we will be holding an EGM to elect a new treasurer and GO/OCM! Treasurer is an exec position that will only be open to current or ex committee members, however GO/OCM is open to all! This general dogsbody position will allow you to be involved by doing all the little jobs the grown ups have a million of and not enough pairs of hands to do them all!
There may be an additional GO/OCM position available depending on how elections go. Come all (remember to bring your membership card also to prove you’re a member) and join our little family!

After the EGM we will continue with our usual Wednesday night movie which will be Shaun of the Dead!

On Friday we will be having another Reading Hour from 1-2 in the bunker (Directions)where our cabinets will be free to browse from!

Following that on Friday there will be a Smash Bros tournament from 5! €2 entry with a Mewtwo Amiibo for first prize!

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