Week 12: Christmas with SciFI

Ah eventually the long anticipated day is nearly upon us.

We’ve waited all year for this, and now Star Wars is nearly here!!
SciFi are going to see it in Screen Cinema this Friday at 7:30, and have a few tickets left for our outing. So contact a committee member or post on the event if you’re interested!

In the spirit (or Force-Ghost) of Star Wars we will be teaming up with Animation and showing the Family Guy Star Wars trilogy this Tuesday in the Eliz room from 7!
Packed with all the toilet humour you expect from Family Guy, this Trilogy is filled with more gags than you can shake a limp, flaccid lightsaber at! (Trailer)

Wednesday we will not be hosting our usual movie screening in the Eliz room…instead we have decided to bring you a Christmas Guitar Hero competition! (See we do do things Christmas related! Granted the songs won’t be Christmassy but still) So break out that hideous Weasley Jumper you wear for the 12 pubs, stuff your pockets with mince pies and come down to Chaplins at 7!

As per usual from 1-2 on Friday will be our Quiet Reading hour.
This Friday also sees the return of Amiibo Mafia! From 2 onwards come down to the bunker and watch as we pit ‘AI’s against each other for our entertainment in our own nerdy neo-gladiatorial virtual Colosseum. So pick your favourite Amiibo, hedge your bets and win fabulous prizes! (Prizes may or may not be fabulous)

Finally to finish off the Semester we will be doing our annual screening of the most Christmassy of Christmas movie…..Die Hard. At 6 in the bunker we will be settling down to watch our favourite cowboy/cop yippy ki-yay his way to saving his wife from terrorists on Christmas Eve. Did somebody mention baked goods…? Yes that’s right this isn’t just Die Hard…this is PIE Hard. Committee members will be providing (hopefully) delicious baked goods for your consumption during the movie!

Yippy Ki-Yay everyone,
Merry Christmas from SciFi!

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