Merry Christmas to all!

As we slowly progress 7 advent calendar chocolates closer to Christmas SciFi has decided to enter more into the Christmas spirit than Anime and racing games….instead we will be focusing on cartoons and other video games!

So for this week on Wednesday 9th we are entering into the charitable feel of the season and teaming up with VDP to bring you your chance to help charity and become a Pokemon master like 10 year old you always dreamed of! Hunt Real-Life Pokemon (may be people in costumes) across campus, earning gym badges as you go (ticks on your capture sheet) and find those hidden legendary Pokemon that just made it all worthwhile! Just €5 for teams of 4, sign up in the Hamilton on Wednesday before 12, with an entire afternoon to hunt Pokemon for fabulous prizes!


Who wouldn’t want this fabulous certificate?

Following that we will be showing one of the most feel inducing movies of the last year in the Eliz Room at 7 with Inside Out.

unnamed (1)

If this movies doesn’t affect you you have no heart.

Friday as per usual we will have out Quiet Reading Hour from 12-1.
Following this will be a Blindfolded Games Afternoon from 3! If you think you’re good enough at Mario Maker, Chivalry Medieval Warfare or Hyrule Warriors that you can play with a blindfold on then by all means come on down and try your hand in our bunker, or if you just want to try for the Craic!

Finally we will be wrapping up the week slightly more festively with Home Alone 2 in the bunker at 6!

Also our glorious dictator Michael will be entering the Charity White Collar boxing tournament for Rag Week, and is looking for your help!

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