Good evening peasants,

It is the mouth (and brains) of your glorious SciFi Overload here. We will now proceed to dictate your week, failure to comply will result in annoyed grumblings.

FIRSTLY, movies. Wednesday evening will consist Jurassic World in the Eliz room at 7.
Friday evening will be Disney’s Atlantis the Lost Empire in our Bunker at 6.

Come Thursday we shall be hosting a Pokemon Showdown Tournament in the End End PC :ab 3 at 6. There will be a single battles format and the tournament will be Double Bracket Elimination. Entry €2 with prizes for first and second.

Then Friday at lunchtime from 1-2 we will be having our Quiet Reading Hour. All cabinets will be open and all tvs, consoles etc will be off. Our cabinets are always open to our members to read and borrow from but for this hour we will be encouraging you to come browse and read!
Following this well be a Zelda Games afternoon starting at 2. Hyrule Warriors for Wii U, Triforce Heroes for 3DS and Zelda themed Mario Maker levels and Ganon Cannon in Smash bros.

That’s All Folks!

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