Frequently Asked Questions

Some information you'll probably want about the society

Where is the Sci-fi room?

The Sci-fi room is located in goldsmith hall (the building with the JCR). Come in the front door, turn left and follow the signs with the Sci-fi symbol to get to the room. You can also follow this handy-dandy guide:

What's in the room?

The room is the home of all of our fantastic resources. We have books, games, movies and TVs (obviously). The equipment is free for all members to use in the room. Just ask a committee member if you want to use a particular console, movie or game and they’ll happily help you out!

When is the room open?

The room timetable shows the times when the rooms is available for use by the society. We share the room with the Gamers Society so we ask you to respect the time that they have in the room. The room is usually open throughout the day as long as there is a member of a committee to supervise the room, and you’re always welcome to come hang out!

Who are the committee?

The committee are members of the society elected during the Sci-fi’s Annual General Meeting(AGM) to run the society.

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